Air Force Laundry Convenience

March 28, 2023

Air Force

Training at or visiting the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is one of the regions most popular occurrences. While so much of your time is dominated by needed military trainings, one thing that you are sure to need is laundry! You can't go through a day of training without generating dirty laundry that you often don't have the time or the interest in doing yourself! While you are involved in the variety of elements the air force base needs: air traffic control, security, communications, transportation, medical, even weather forecasting, Spin Kemp Laundry will do your laundry!

You need to focus on your military training and the important job you are here to do! Let Spin Kemp Laundry do it's important job by doing your laundry for you. We will deliver your fresh, clean, ready-to-use laundry so you can do the important things that you are training for.

We have drop off wash and fold laundry service for those on the go. You can drop off your laundry with us and we will wash, dry, fold, and have it packaged and ready for pickup in 48 hours. Or let us come to you with our laundry pickup and delivery service. Scheduling is easy to do. Any type of department at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base can request our commercial laundry service. Whether you are in personnel, finance, legal, contracts, public affairs, we are happy to do your laundry!

There are a lot of visitors to the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Whether you are on vacation or visiting locally, you can enjoy the convenience of using Spin Kemp Laundry's laundry service.

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